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Privacy Policy

August 1, 2005 (ver. 2)

Morinaga & Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Morinaga”) endeavors to protect customers’ privacy, with every concern for their personal information.
This Web site (hereinafter referred to as the “weider-asia.com Web site”) is operated by Morinaga. Morinaga is committed to carefully handling customers’ personal information obtained through the weider-asia.com Web site, as set forth below, when it uses such personal information.

Generally, customers are not required to provide personal information such as names and addresses when they use the weider-asia.com Web site.
On the weider-asia.com Web site, however, there are several pages whose use involves the provision of personal information, such as name, address, postal code, telephone number, gender, school year, date of birth, e-mail address, and delivery address. (These pages include a members-only page as well as application pages for free promotional goods, message posting, questionnaires, an e-mail delivery service, and Internet shopping). For such pages, customers’ personal information is collected to the extent needed by Morinaga after customers have been notified of matters such as the purpose of collection and scope of use of such personal information, in order to obtain their consent. Morinaga undertakes to use the aforesaid personal information only for the purposes of publicizing new products, providing campaign information, sending out questionnaires, or giving other relevant notifications to customers or otherwise; usage of such personal information is restricted only to such intended use, as previously notified to customers.

Morinaga is committed to placing strict controls on personal information obtained from customers. Morinaga is also committed to implementing all reasonable safety precautions to protect the aforesaid personal information from loss, destruction, unauthorized leakage to any person outside Morinaga, falsification, and unauthorized access. In addition, Morinaga undertakes to properly manage personal information obtained from customers as well as to not disclose or provide such personal information to any third parties without obtaining consent from those customers concerned.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Morinaga may disclose or provide customers’ personal information without obtaining their consent in the any of the following cases:

◇ In circumstances where the disclosure or provision of the aforesaid personal information is required pursuant to any applicable laws and ordinances;

◇ In circumstances where the disclosure or provision of the aforesaid personal information is necessary to protect the life, body, or property of a person, and where it is difficult to obtain consent from the relevant customers;

◇ In circumstances where Morinaga is required to cooperate with any agency of national government, any local public entity, or any person to whom any of the operations to be performed by the aforesaid agency or entity is delegated in the execution of its duties as prescribed by laws and ordinances with respect to the aforesaid agency, entity, or person, and where obtaining consent from the relevant customers to the provision of customers’ personal information may result in interference with the execution of the aforesaid duties; or

◇ Where Morinaga discloses or provides the aforesaid personal information to a reliable entity, which Morinaga recognizes as appropriately protecting personal information, in order to delegate any of Morinaga’s operations to that entity, provided that the disclosure or provision of the aforesaid personal information to the aforesaid entity is deemed by Morinaga to be necessary for the operation of the weider-asia.com Web site or for the fulfillment of any purpose for which the aforesaid personal information is used.

Upon receipt of a request for the disclosure, correction, or deletion of a customer’s personal information from such customer, Morinaga will first verify that the aforesaid request has been made by the aforesaid customer and will then disclose, correct, or delete such personal information, respecting the customer’s intentions, within a reasonable period. If you intend to submit to Morinaga any request concerning the handling of your personal information on the weider-asia.com Web site (for example, a request for the notification of the intended uses, disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of the use of your personal information) or any question or complaint about the handling of your personal information on the weider-asia.com Web site, please contact Morinaga’s Customer Service Office.

Please note, however, that Morinaga will be unable to provide some services, including the information delivery service upon receipt of a request for the deletion of your personal information.

If you provide Morinaga with your personal information, a reliable entity recognized by Morinaga as appropriately protecting personal information may deliver information to you on behalf of Morinaga by e-mail or other means.
In addition, the aforesaid entity may also reply to any inquiry that you have submitted to Morinaga if Morinaga deems it appropriate to have the entity do so on behalf of Morinaga.
The weuder-aisa.com Web site requires any individual aged fourteen or under intending to provide his/her personal information to the weuder-aisa.com Web site to obtain approval from his/her parent or guardian. It would be appreciated if the parent or guardian of the aforesaid individual could give consent to the provision of such individual’s personal information after reading the Terms of Use and Morinaga’s Privacy Policy.

The weider-asia.com Web site collects IP addresses for the purpose of system management.
In addition, such IP addresses are used for a survey on the situation weider-asia.com Web site usage.
Morinaga may use such IP addresses to identify an intended weider-asia.com Web site user if such identification is necessary to provide a service to the aforesaid intended user via the weider-asia.com Web site, to protect any right of the intended user or any other user of the weider-asia.com Web site, or may require the intended user to adhere to the Terms of Use.

Some of the pages on the weider-asia.com Web site use a technology known as a cookie in order to provide better services. The term “cookie” refers to a mechanism through which customer information, including user information and access history, is transmitted/received between a Web browser and a Web server.

If you do not wish to accept the cookie, you can disable it by disabling the relevant settings in your browser.

Please note in advance, however, that disabling the cookie may result in some services becoming unavailable to you.

Morinaga will continue to review the contents of its Privacy Policy, as appropriate, in order to improve the Privacy Policy. Please note that the aforesaid review may involve changes in the contents of the Privacy Policy.
Any change made to the contents of the Privacy Policy shall take effect from the point in time such change is made.

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